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  • THS-Seq

    A transposome hypersensitive sites sequencing assay enables highly sensitive characterization of chromatin accessibility

    Genome Biology 2016, 17:20
  • lncRNA analysis across mammals

    An analysis of lncRNAs across mammals indicates these RNAs are a mixture of multiple functional classes with distinct biological roles

    Genome Biology 2016, 17:19
  • Epigenetics and cell differentiation

    A new study shows how a single cytokine regulates hematopoietic lineage choice by activating a pathway, which causes dendritic-cell-specific DNA demethylation

    Genome Biology 2016, 17:18
  • Proteome diversification by Alu

    A new study examines the input of Alu transposons into human genes

    Genome Biology 2016, 17:17
  • Variability of lncRNAs

    Long non-coding RNAs display higher natural expression variability than protein-coding genes in healthy humans

    Genome Biology 2016, 17:14
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