Biology for the post-genomic era

Fully Open Access. Genome Biology covers all areas of biology and biomedicine studied from a genomic and post-genomic perspective. Content includes research, new methods and software tools, and reviews, opinions and commentaries. Areas covered include, but are not limited to: sequence analysis; bioinformatics; insights into molecular, cellular and organismal biology; functional genomics; epigenomics; population genomics; proteomics; comparative biology and evolution; systems and network biology; genomics of disease; and clinical genomics. All content is open access immediately on publication.


  • Louisa Flintoft PhD, Genome Biology


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  • Predicting chromatin compartments

    A method for predicting a sequence’s localization in the A or B compartment of the nucleus based on chromatin data

    Genome Biology 2015, 16:180
  • Barley domestication

    Robin Allaby discusses the origins of barley, and what this means for our understanding of the evolution of domesticated crops

    Genome Biology 2015, 16:176
  • In-nucleus ligation Hi-C

    A comparison of in-nucleus and in-solution ligation protocols for Hi-C finds that the former gives much more consistent results

    Genome Biology 2015, 16:175
  • Chromatin and lamins

    Susan Gasser and colleagues discuss how the nuclear lamina interacts with chromatin and the implications this has for nuclear organization

    Genome Biology 2015, 16:174
  • Barley landrace origins

    A new study increases our understanding of the evolutionary genetic process associated with the transition from wild to domesticated barley

    Genome Biology 2015, 16:173
  • Single-cell ATAC-seq

    Jason Lieb discusses two recent publications which apply the ATAC-seq protocol to single cells

    Genome Biology 2015, 16:172
  • Plant 3D chromatin

    Chang Liu and Detlef Weigel review the current knowledge about three dimensional chromatin interactions in plants

    Genome Biology 2015, 16:170
  • Image attributed to: X chromosome

    Silencing the X

    Philip Avner and colleagues review new developments in understanding how the Xist long noncoding RNA functions in mammalian X chromosome inactivation.

    Genome Biology 2015, 16:166
  • Predicting chromatin interactions

    This method is able to predict topologically associated domain boundaries and chromatin interaction hubs from histone modification ChIP-seq data

    Genome Biology 2015, 16:162
  • CTCF and BORIS

    Comparison of CTCF and BORIS binding sites identifies two classes of binding event, with one or two binding sites

    Genome Biology 2015, 16:161
  • Image attributed to: 3D genome

    3D genome structure and function

    In this Review, Bouwman and De Laat discuss recent insights into the trans-acting factors that enable the genome to adopt different functionally relevant conformations.

    Genome Biology 2015, 16:154
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