Figure 5.

Alternative splicing in EXP7 and non-GFP cells. Venn diagrams showing the distribution of (a) identified splice junctions, (c) exon skipping, and (d) intron-retention events in the two protoplast populations. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of genes. (b) Distribution of alternative 5' splice sites (D), alternative 3' splice sites (A), and combinations of the two (AD). (e) Percentage of genes with splice junctions in the two protoplast populations. The numbers of identified genes and genes with splice sites is given below the diagrams. (f) Percentage of alternatively spliced genes in EXP7 and non-GFP cells. Numbers indicate the total of genes that undergo alternative splicing and the total of splice-site containing genes. GFP, green fluorescent protein;

Lan et al. Genome Biology 2013 14:R67   doi:10.1186/gb-2013-14-6-r67
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