Figure 3.

Schematic representation of the syntenic relationships between wheat chromosome 1BL and the orthologous chromosomes in Brachypodium distachyon, rice and sorghum as well as the 1BL GenomeZipper. (A) B. distachyon, (B) rice and (C) sorghum chromosomes in which syntenic regions were identified are represented in grey on the right side of the circle. Large areas represent the syntenic regions identified with each species while individual colored lines identify the non-syntenic genes. The black lines represent a wheat specific genome rearrangement. Black circles correspond to the centromeres of wheat chromosome 1BL, Bradi3, Os10 and Sb01. (D) Comparison between the 1BL virtual gene order based on the 1BL physical map (left part of the circle) and on the GenomeZipper approach (right part of the circle). Each line provides a link between the positions of the same gene on the two virtual gene ordering. The nine deletion bins of wheat chromosome 1BL are represented in colors on the left side of the circle:C-1BL11-0.23 deletion bin in purple, the 1BL11-0.23-0.32 in pink, the 1BL6-0.32-0.47 in dark blue, the 1BL1-0.47-0.61 in blue, the 1BL14-0.61-0.69 in dark green, the 1BL2-0.69-0.74 in green, the 1BL8-0.74-0.85 in yellow, the 1BL3-0.85-0.89 in orange and the 1BL4-0.89-1.00 in red.

Philippe et al. Genome Biology 2013 14:R64   doi:10.1186/gb-2013-14-6-r64
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