Additional file 2: Figure S1.

Identification of females with skewed XCI. Conversion of AI into XCI status in a group 2 female with a high degree of skewing (A) compared to a female with low skewing (B). The line demonstrates the linear regression between the female analyzed and the average AI from the CEU group 1 females (subject and escape genes only). The horizontal shading denotes the ranges of AI that correspond to the XCI statuses in the group 2 female: dark green (E1), bright green (E2), light green (E3) or red (subject to XCI). The lower degree of skewing of XCI (B) results in a condensed range of escape from XCI. For all group 2 females, the boundary between E3 and S was determined using the AI at which there was 10% expression from the Xi once corrected for skewing. A complete list of boundaries can be found in Additional file 5. (C) The linear regression between the average group 1 female AI and group R females was not significant and therefore AIs in group R females could not be converted in XCI statuses. A complete list of group R females can be found in Additional file 5.

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Cotton et al. Genome Biology 2013 14:R122   doi:10.1186/gb-2013-14-11-r122