Additional file 10: Figure S4.

Allelic expression analysis in group R females reveals no evidence for X-linked imprinting. (A) Allelic expression bias in individual informative females with each column representing one gene (only genes with at least one informative female are included) and each row a single female (group R females only) from the three sample sets. The allelic expression bias of each female is either mono-allelic (red) or bi-allelic (green). The genic expression status was determined by calculating the percentage of females that were bi-allelic for each gene: 0 to 22% of informative females bi-allelic, genic bias is mono-allelic (red); 22 to 78% of informative females bi-allelic, genic bias is variable allelic (purple); or 78 to 100% of informative females bi-allelic, genic bias is bi-allelic (green). (B) Distribution of AIs observed for every gene with at least one female with mono-allelic expression. For each gene, informative females are represented with a different shape based on the sample set (CEU, square; YRI, circle; FIB, triangle) and color based on allelic expression status (red, mono-allelic; green, bi-allelic). Below the genic allelic-expression status is given (bi = bi-allelic, VA = variable allelic, mono = mono-allelic). MAP7D2, the previously reported X-linked gene, is shown to the far right.

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Cotton et al. Genome Biology 2013 14:R122   doi:10.1186/gb-2013-14-11-r122