Figure 5.

Effects of 5azadC in RBL to LCL conversion. (a) Influence of 5azadC treatments in viability of LCLs determined by flow cytometry based on propidium ioidide fluorescence. (b) Influence of 5azadC treatments in proliferation, as determined by MTT assays, during RBL to LCL conversion. (c) Bisulfite sequencing of two example genes, where methylation levels of two CpG sites is shown (the one represented in the array is highlighted in red). Methylation analysis was done in RBL cells at 10 days after EBV infection in the absence and presence of azadC, and in LCLs.

Hernando et al. Genome Biology 2013 14:R3   doi:10.1186/gb-2013-14-1-r3
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