Figure 5.

Examples of miRNAs showing differences in expression between larval and adult stages. (a,b) miR-219 expression in the diencephalon at the level of the post-optic commissure (poc) of the larval and adult brain. In the larval brain (a), miR-219 is widely expressed in the ventral (VT) and dorsal (DT) thalamus and periventricular pretectum (Pr) whereas cells of the poc are devoid of expression. In contrast, in the adult (b), miR-219 is expressed in cells in the poc and optic tract (OT) whereas ventrolateral (VL) and ventromedial (VM) thalamic nuclei are devoid of expression. (c-f) miR-34 expression: (c,d) show conserved miR-34 expression in the octaval area (OA, MON, AON, MaON) and Mauthner neuron (MAC) in the larval and adult zebrafish brain, respectively; (e) shows miR-34 in the adult nucleus of the paraventricular organ (nPVO) and the arrow in (f) points to miR-34 expressing cells in the lateral part of the adult left habenula. (g,h) Conserved miR-153a expression throughout the larval (Ha) and adult (Hav, Had) habenulae. (i) miR-137 expression in groups of dorsal habenular cells (Had, arrowheads). (j) miR-138 expression in groups of dorsal habenular cells (Had).

Kapsimali et al. Genome Biology 2007 8:R173   doi:10.1186/gb-2007-8-8-r173
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