Figure 3.

Distribution of the human genome location density of Ensembl genes and CSEs from Cel2 and MGSCv3. Every 1-Mb region that has more than 1.7% base-pairs in the exon regions of an Ensembl gene is displayed as a black bar in the middle. A 1-Mb region is displayed as a bar if its CSE coverage is higher than 3%. The left-hand bars show the CSEs from MGSCv3 (green) and the right-hand bars show the CSEs from Cel2 (red). (Ensembl genes' information was obtained from [12]). As examples, the UCSC human genome tracks combined with our CSEs tracks are displayed in two rectangles with arrows pointing to one region where many CSEs found from Cel2 are located, and another region where many CSEs found only from MGSCv3 are located.

Xuan et al. Genome Biology 2002 4:R1   doi:10.1186/gb-2002-4-1-r1