Figure 3.

The crystal structure of 14-3-3s. The model shown is derived from the human 14-3-3 ΞΆ isoform (PDB1QJB [22]) and is shown from (a) the top and (b) one side as visualized by the 3Dmol software found in the Vector NTI 7.0 Suite. Helix numbers are denoted from H1 near the amino terminus to H9 near the carboxyl terminus. Red and blue areas correspond to residues of 100% identity and high conservation, respectively, and correspond to colors on the alignment (Figure 1). Yellow areas correspond to regions of reduced similarity and green areas indicate the nuclear export signal [22].

Ferl et al. Genome Biology 2002 3:reviews3010.1-reviews3010.7   doi:10.1186/gb-2002-3-7-reviews3010