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All you need to know about p53

Eliezer Kopf

Genome Biology 2002, 3:reports2010  doi:10.1186/gb-2002-3-2-reports2010

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Received:11 December 2001
Published:1 February 2002

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For researchers interested in tumor suppressors, and in particular the p53 protein, this is a useful website; it includes a p53 database, an APC database and a p53 mutation-analysis database. Several aspects of p53 biology are also summarized, such as 'the p53 story' (''everything you want to know about p53 but you never bother to ask''), the anatomy of the gene and its phylogeny, and its mutation in tumors. The site also includes data on other proteins involved in the biology of p53, such as MDM2 and p73. There is information on scientists in the field, links to other sites with p53 information, and a large list of monoclonal antibodies against p53.


This is a well organized and presented site with large amounts of information, some of which can be easily downloaded in Word or Excel format.

Reporter's comments


Last updated in December 2001.

Best feature

The list of anti-p53 antibodies is particularly useful.

Worst feature

The list of job opportunities is quite short.

Wish list

A search engine from the home page would help to locate information.

Related websites

Michael Tainsky's homepage has information on p53 and other oncogenes.

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