Figure 4.

DNA methylation profiles and TE expression levels of free-living mycelia treated with 5-azacytidine. (A) Dose-dependent induction of the ‘fluffy‘ phenotype in free-living mycelia treated for 45 days with increasing concentrations of 5-aza. (B) Genome-wide comparison of DNA methylation levels in 5-aza (100 μM)-treated versus untreated mycelia. (C) Box plot representation of the fold-change in expression levels of TEs with different CG delta methylation levels (5-aza untreated - treated). (D,E) Same as (C) for CHG and CHH delta methylation levels as indicated. t-Test P-values for TE expression changes associated with CHG and CHH delta methylation levels are 0.1436 and 0.01367, respectively. (F) Fold-change TE expression levels as a function of CHH methylation levels for the indicated TE subclasses; delta CHH methylation levels (untreated - treated) >5% or <5% are shown as striped and unstriped bars, respectively. Only TE subclasses with at least 10 members are shown.

Montanini et al. Genome Biology 2014 15:411   doi:10.1186/s13059-014-0411-5
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