Figure 1.

Representation of the integrated physical and genetic map and distribution of recombination rate along wheat chromosome 1BL. (A) Representation of the 1BL deletion bin map. The centromere is represented as a grey circle and the nine deletion bins are represented by colored boxes as follows: C-1BL11-0.23 deletion bin in purple, 1BL11-0.23-0.32 in pink, the 1BL6-0.32-0.47 in blue, 1BL1-0.47-0.61 in light blue, 1BL14-0.61-0.69 in green, 1BL2-0.69-0.74 in light green, 1BL8-0.74-0.85 in yellow, 1BL3-0.85-0.89 in red and1BL4-0.89-1.00 in dark red. The number of physical contigs assigned to a bin and the cumulative size of these contigs are indicated. When contigs carried BACs that were assigned to two different consecutive bins indicating that they likely are at the junction between the bins, the contig was counted for 0.5 in each bin. (B) Representation of the 1BL neighbor genetic map. The map is divided into segments corresponding to the deletion bins except for deletion bins 1BL11-0.23-0.32 and 1BL6-0.32-0.47 that were merged. (C)Representation of the ratio between the genetic and the physical distances along the 1BL chromosome using physical contigs to estimate the bin sizes. The dotted line corresponds to the average ratio on the whole chromosome arm. Values are expressed in cM/Mb.

Philippe et al. Genome Biology 2013 14:R64   doi:10.1186/gb-2013-14-6-r64
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