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Additional Figures and Table. Figure S1. Appearance of primed and non-primed plants after long-term salt stress. Plants had been treated with either 0 (control, not primed, left), 50 mM (primed, center), or 100 mM NaCl (primed, right) for 24 h at seedling stage and subsequently grown for 10 days in hydroponics without salt. The solution was then supplemented with 80 mM or not (control, no salt) and plants photographed 10 days later. No difference in salt tolerance was apparent between primed and non-primed plants. Figure S2. Example of a successful ChIP quality control. Based on published histone methylation profiles primers were designed to amplify regions that are enriched (positive controls) or devoid (negative controls) of H3K4me2, H3K4me3, H3K9me2, or H3K4me3. (Note that no region was found that was exclusively associated with H3K4me2.) ChIP samples from roots (R) or shoots (S) of primed (50) or non-primed (C) plants obtained with antibody against H3K9me2 (A), H3K27me3 (A), H3K4me2 (M2), or H3K4me3 (M3) were used as template as well as ChIP input DNA (I) and ChIP without antibodies (NA). For primer pairs see Table S3. Figure S3. Genome-wide histone modification landscapes in primed and non-primed plants. Genome-wide profiles of read counts for H3K4me2 (green), H3K4me3 (red), H3K9me2 (purple), and H3K27me3 (blue) in roots samples of primed (PR) and non-primed (CR) plants displayed in the Integrated Genome Browser (IGB). Figure S4. Kinetics of H3K27me3 and mRNA after salt application. Relative enrichment of H3K27me3 (black bars, left y-axis) and mRNA levels (open bars, right y-axis) of nine genes in roots of A. thaliana seedlings were determined by qPCR over a time course of 8 h (x-axis) after application of 50 mM NaCl (priming treatment). H3K27me3 levels (left y-axis) were normalized to ChIP input and to reference region in At5g56920. mRNA levels (right y-axis) were normalized to reference gene RpII. For details see main text and Figure 6D. Table S1. Chromosome coordinates of priming-induced H3K27me3 differences. Table S2. Expression levels of selected genes in root RNA 4 h after second salt treatment. Table S3. Sequences of primers used in this study

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Sani et al. Genome Biology 2013 14:R59   doi:10.1186/gb-2013-14-6-r59