Figure 7.

Expression analysis of meristem developmental genes by in-situ hybridization analysis in vegetative and reproductive tissues and floral meristem size analysis. (a-c) Patterns of expression of PHB: (a) 14-day-old wild-type, (b) 14-day-old svp-41, and (c) 10-day-old svp-41 mutant; (d-f) patterns of expression of CLV1: (d) 14-day-old wild-type, (e) 14-day-old svp-41 mutant, and (f) 10-day-old svp-41 mutant; in both svp-41 10 and 14-day-old seedlings the PHB and CLV1 mRNA were detected in a broader region of the SAM compared to Col-0; (g, h) expression of ARF3 in wild type and svp-41 agl24-2 ap1-12 inflorescence respectively; (i, j) KAN1 expression pattern in wild-type and svp-41 agl24-2 ap1-12 inflorescences; (k, l) CLV1 expression in wild-type and svp-41 agl24-2 ap1-12 inflorescence; (m, n) expression profile of WUS in wild-type and svp-41 agl24-2 ap1-12 inflorescences, its expression seems to be higher in the wild-type FM than in the triple mutant FMs at the same developmental stage. The scale bar represents 50 μm. (o) View of wild-type inflorescence; (p) view of svp-41 agl24-2 ap1-12 inflorescences; central zone of triple mutant FMs at stage 3 were compared to those of wild-type plants. The scale bar represents 10 μm. (q) Diagram showing the difference in FMs size between the wild-type and svp-41 agl24-2 ap1-12 triple mutant central dome, error bars represent standard error (SE).

Gregis et al. Genome Biology 2013 14:R56   doi:10.1186/gb-2013-14-6-r56
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