Figure 6.

Glucose starvation induces RBP-crosslinking and mRNA changes associated with mitochondrial processes. (a) Changes in 3' UTR crosslinking site coverage versus changes in the corresponding mRNA upon glucose starvation. Crosslinking sites on genes annotated with the 'mitochondrial membrane' GO term are colored blue. Dotted lines indicate ≥4-fold changes in crosslinking site coverage (vertical) or ≥2-fold change in mRNA expression (horizontal). (b) ALD4 3' UTR contains four crosslinking sites that decrease two- to eight-fold in RBP occupancy upon glucose starvation and overlap with conserved blocks (red diamonds in (a)). ALD4 mRNA expression is up-regulated upon glucose starvation. (c) STM1 3' UTR contains one crosslinking site that increases in coverage upon glucose starvation (red diamond in (a)). STM1 mRNA expression is down-regulated upon glucose starvation. WT, wild type.

Freeberg et al. Genome Biology 2013 14:R13   doi:10.1186/gb-2013-14-2-r13
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