Figure 1.

Distilling novel 'eye of newt' components of the newt transcriptome. Looso et al. [2] identified 826 novel protein-coding sequences with either no similarity to other species or similarity to urodeles only. Of those, 131 contained known motifs, while the rest did not. RT-PCR experiments on a select group of novel transcripts identified the tissues where these genes are expressed. These transcripts included those encoding a protein containing an activin receptor domain, a candidate family of new proteins with no known domains (five transcripts), three proteins containing the fascin domain and three proteins containing the EF-hand domain. Red boxes show expression of the tested transcripts in a homeostatic organ. Blue boxes demonstrate significant upregulation or downregulation (upward or downward arrow) of the tested transcripts in regenerating tissues. D and V stand for dorsal and ventral lens, respectively.

Mihaylova and Aboobaker Genome Biology 2013 14:106   doi:10.1186/gb-2013-14-2-106
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