Figure 8.

Evidence that Bdi-miR5163b-3p-guided cleavage induces phased siRNAs from an NB-ARC mRNA. (a) The sequence alignment of the Bradi4g10171, an NB-ARC gene, and Bdi-Bdi-miR5163b-3p. Lines indicate a perfect match. The circle indicates a G:U pair. The black arrow indicates the cleavage site with the TP10M PARE abundance listed above. (b,c) PARE and small RNA distributions for Bradi4g10171. The region shown is 9771971 to 9776753 on chromosome 4 and the gray boxes on the x-axis are the exons. Gray diamonds and circles represent PARE and small RNA sequences, respectively. The filled black diamond at the position indicated by the arrow is the PARE site generated by Bdi-miR5163b-3p cleavage. (d) The phasing score profile for the phased region. (e) The small RNA abundance profile for the phased region. PARE, parallel analysis of RNA ends; siRNA, small interfering RNA; TP10M, transcripts per 10 million; TP2M, transcripts per 2 million.

Jeong et al. Genome Biology 2013 14:R145   doi:10.1186/gb-2013-14-12-r145
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