Figure 5.

Expression of elncRNA but not plncRNA loci is associated with enhanced expression levels of neighboring protein-coding genes. (A) Fold difference, Δ, in expression of the neighboring loci in the stage in which the expression level of the reference locus (protein-coding gene, plncRNA or elncRNA) is maximal relative to the stage in which it is minimal. Δ is defined as (Expressionmax - Expressionmin)/Expressionmin. Two-tailed Mann–Whitney test, *P < 0.05; NS, not significant. Fold-change (FC) between Ter119+ and colony-forming unit erythroblast (CFUE) expression (measured by quantitative PCR) of (B) elncRNAs (green) or (C) plncRNAs (blue) (x-axis) and their respective protein-coding gene (PC, y-axis). Data used for the preparation of this figure are available in Additional file 16. Horizontal and vertical bars represent the standard error of the mean for fold-change of lncRNA and protein-coding genes, respectively. Dashed blue and green lines represent the elncRNAs’ and plncRNAs’ linear regression functions, respectively.

Marques et al. Genome Biology 2013 14:R131   doi:10.1186/gb-2013-14-11-r131
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