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Ingenuity Pathway Analysis. The document describes the results from applying Ingenuity Pathway Analysis to the 353 genes that are located near the 353 clock CpGs. Top biological function analysis implicated cell death/survival (74 genes, P = 1.1E-7) and cellular growth/development (71 genes, P = 3.7E-5). Significant overlap can be observed for the following disease-related gene sets: cancer (109 genes, P = 9.2E-5), endocrine system disorder (28, P = 2.6E-4), hereditary disorders (50 genes, 2.6E-4), and reproductive system disease (37 genes, P = 2.6E-4). Significant Ingenuity networks include a) hematological system development, tissue morphology, cell death and survival (P = E-37), b) cellular growth and proliferation, cell signaling, developmental disorder (P = E-37).

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Horvath Genome Biology 2013 14:R115   doi:10.1186/gb-2013-14-10-r115