Additional file 13.

DNAm age versus chronological age in cancer. Each point corresponds to a DNA methylation sample (cancer sample from a human subject). Points are colored and labeled according to the underlying cancer data sets as described in Additional file 12. (A) Across all cancer data sets, there is only a weak correlation (cor = 0.15, P = 1.9E-29) between DNAm age (x-axis) and chronological patient age (y-axis). The high error (40 years) reflects high age accelerations. (B) Each cancer/affected tissue shows evidence of significant age acceleration (y-axis) with an average age acceleration of 36.2 years. (C-W) Results for individual cancers/affected tissues. Several cancer tissues maintain moderately large age correlations (larger than 0.3), including brain (cor = 0.61) (E), thyroid (cor = 0.6) (U), kidney (cor = 0.45) (K,L), liver (cor = 0.42) (M), colorectal (cor = 0.37) (I), and breast (cor = 0.31) (F).

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Horvath Genome Biology 2013 14:R115   doi:10.1186/gb-2013-14-10-r115