Figure 3.

Analysis of Vegfa exon 6 muscle-dependent inclusion. A subset of the summary page produced by AVISPA is shown. (a) Feature enrichment analysis: the values of the features listed on the left are computed for Vegfa exon 6 and compared against matching feature values in a set of labeled exons. The four sets of exons compared against here are alternative exons ('AS', third column from the left), constitutive exons ('Const', third column from the right), exons differentially included in muscle ('Muscle Inc', second column from the right), and differentially excluded in muscle ('Muscle Exc', right most column). Relative enrichment or depletion of features is indicated using the heat map on the right. Only features with significantly low (blue) and high (red) values are shown here. The genomic region of each feature is indicated by the second from left column using the notation and colors in the top figure. (b) Stacked bar chart (left) of the normalized feature effect (NFE, y-axis) on splicing prediction. Only the top motifs are shown. Motif regions are annotated using the color scheme depicted below. Mapping of the motifs onto the UCSC genome browser is shown on the right. Tracks combining all motifs used by the code model (red), the unbiased motif search [5] (grey scaled), and conservation (blue) are added at the bottom.

Barash et al. Genome Biology 2013 14:R114   doi:10.1186/gb-2013-14-10-r114
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