Figure 3.

Identification of a frequently amplified locus on chromosome 3. Frequency profiles of tumors mutant in (A)NRAS;p53-/-;X, (B)BRAF;mitfvc7;X tumors and (C)BRAF;p53;mitf-/-;mitf:MITF;mitf:X, where X can include additional drivers as mentioned in the text. (D) Amplification segments supporting a peak on chromosome 3 in tumors of BRAF;p53;mitf-/-;mitf:MITF;mitf:X background derived from exome sequencing (maroon segments) and aCGH (green dotted segments). Samples mutated are represented by inverted, color-coded triangles above the corresponding gene indicated by the thick black bar. (E) Frequently amplified genes in the entire dataset. (F) Number of copies (y-axis) of the genes (x-axis) in the region of amplified locus. Each line represents a tumor that is color-coded according to either BRAF;p53;mitf-/-;mitf:MITF;mitf:X (yellow) or other (blue) background status. The most frequently amplified genes are highlighted in yellow in (D-F).

Yen et al. Genome Biology 2013 14:R113   doi:10.1186/gb-2013-14-10-r113
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