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Univariate analysis of associations between microbial composition and biopsy location. A univariate analysis for associations between taxa and biopsy sites was conducted using LEfSe [102] considering the six regions annotated for these samples: 1) terminal ileum (TI), 2) cecum, 3) left colon, 4) transverse colon, 5) right colon, and 6) sigmoid colon and rectum. (a) Relatively few clades were strongly associated with biopsy locations, and these tended to mirror expected intestinal pH and the clades described here as particularly affected by disease-linked inflammation. (b-g) Abundant major clades, including the Firmicutes (b), showed extremely modest variations with intestinal region, driven by specific members depleted in low-pH regions, including Roseburia (c) (high in the left and sigmoid colon), Ruminococcaceae (d), and to a lesser degree Alistipes (e). Clades enriched in low pH regions included Fusobacterium (f) (high in TI and right colon) and Enterobacteriales (g) (particularly in TI).

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Morgan et al. Genome Biology 2012 13:R79   doi:10.1186/gb-2012-13-9-r79