Figure 2.

Expression of one-dose genes. (a,b) Histograms of expression values for one-dose genes and the same number of two-dose genes generated by resampling expression values (2,000×). This corrects for the large sample size differences between these two dose classes. Resampling of two-dose genes was restricted to contiguous regions corresponding in gene content to the extent of gene deletion in Dfs to control for nonrandom expression values resulting from co-regulation of physically linked genes. The expected value for non-compensation is shown (dotted line). Mean expression differences are indicated above each distribution. (c,d) Mean centered distributions of the graphs in (a,b). (e) Prevalence of dosage compensation classes (see Materials and methods). (f) Notched boxplots of variance (fold-difference2) calculated for sampled (2,000×) one-dose genes due to different Dfs compared to variance of the same genes in a two-dose state. Medians (bar), 95% confidence intervals (notch), 25 to 75 percentiles (box), and 1.5 × interquartile range (whiskers) are shown. Wt, wild type.

Malone et al. Genome Biology 2012 13:R28   doi:10.1186/gb-2012-13-4-r28
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