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Dynamics of expression of Smed-mcm2 and Smedwi-3 in Smed-H2B(RNAi) animals. (a-h) WMISH of Smed-mcm2 (a,c,e,g) and Smedwi-3 (b,d,f,h) in control(RNAi) (a,b) and Smed-H2B(RNAi) animals 1 (c,d), 3 (e,f) and 5 (g,h) days after RNAi. Most signals located in NBs disappear progressively for both markers (c-h). Almost no signals are detected 5 days after RNAi for the NB-specific marker Smed-mcm2 (g). The expression in the CNS of Smedwi-3 (h) is not eliminated by Smed-H2B RNAi and becomes more apparent after 5 days of RNAi (h). Some expression is detected in two rows of dorsal cells (g,h). Anterior is to the left. Scale bars: 500 μm.

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Solana et al. Genome Biology 2012 13:R19   doi:10.1186/gb-2012-13-3-r19