Figure 4.

Human-mouse comparison suggests conservation of the coupling between transcription and mRNA degradation. (a) Scatter plot of cell type-dependent differences in mRNA levels (y-axis) and in mRNA degradation rates (x-axis) for 4,335 genes, quantified as log2(iPS/HFF). The Spearman correlation between the differences in mRNA degradation and mRNA levels is 0.44 and the corresponding linear least square fit is shown. (b) Theoretical distributions of Δtotal (left) and Δnew (right) according to three models, as detailed in the text, for all genes and for genes with differential mRNA degradation rates (red and green correspond to higher and lower degradation rates in mouse, respectively). (c) Observed distributions of Δtotal (left) and Δnew (right) following the color definitions in (b); vertical lines mark the distribution medians (Δtotal: -0.16, 0.19 and 0; Δnew: 1.33, 1.21 and 0; for red, green, and black, respectively). M.m and H.s denote Mus musculus and Homo sapiens.

Dori-Bachash et al. Genome Biology 2012 13:R114   doi:10.1186/gb-2012-13-12-r114
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