Additional file 1.

Comparison of the probe designs of the exome capture kits against the CCDS exon annotation, UCSC exon annotation and each other. (a) Numbers of CCDS exon regions, common target regions outside CCDS annotations and the regions covered individually by the Agilent SureSelect and Agilent SureSelect 50 Mb kits. SureSelect has one single region outside the SureSelect 50 Mb design. (b) The same as (a) for the NimbleGen SeqCap and NimbleGen SeqCap v2.0 kits. (c-f) The same as Figures 1a and 1b and Additional files 1a and 1b, respectively, but the exon annotation from UCSC is given instead of the CCDS annotation. Regions of interest are defined as merged genomic positions, regardless of their strandedness, which overlap with the kit in question. Sizes of the spheres are proportional to the number of targeted regions in the kit. The total number of targeted regions is given under the name flag of each sphere.

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Sulonen et al. Genome Biology 2011 12:R94   doi:10.1186/gb-2011-12-9-r94