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Single-gene examples of Pol II occupancy. (a-f) Affymetrix tiling array data for RNA Pol II is shown for three genes (SPAC13G7.11 (a), SPBC1773.01 (b), SPCC126.05c (c)) with low expression (ranked 2,447,1,666, and 2,310 out of 4,816, respectively, according to Affymetrix expression data) and three genes (SPBC4F6.18c (d), SPAC17G6.06 (e), SPCC24B10.09 (f)) with high expression (ranked 216, 90, and 56 out of 4,816, respectively, from data as above). Additional annotated features are shown (expression rankings are SPAC13G7.12c (3,307), SPBC1773.02c (2,764), SPCC126.04c (2,123), SPCC126.06 (2,591), SPBC4F6.17c (1,944), SPAC17G6.05c (4,227), SPAC17G6.07c (811), SPCC24B10.08c (3,300), SPCC24B10.10c (3,376)) and the range of absolute values of RNA Pol II signals (as previously calculated [7]) are shown on the left side of each panel. Introns within genes shown are indicated by red lines.

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Wilhelm et al. Genome Biology 2011 12:R82   doi:10.1186/gb-2011-12-8-r82