Figure 4.

Genomic rearrangements in SK-BR-3 and BT-474. (a) Circos plots representing chromosomal translocations in SK-BR-3 (upper right) and BT-474 (lower left). Chromosomes are drawn to scale around the rim of the circle and data are plotted on these coordinates. Selected chromosomes involved in the fusion events are shown in higher magnification. Each intrachromosomal (red) and interchromosomal (blue) fusion is indicated by an arc. Copy number measured by aCGH is plotted in the inner circle where amplifications are shown in red and deletions in green. N denotes the number of fusion genes per cell line. (b) Fusion gene formation in the ERBB2-amplicon region. Fusion partner genes within and near the amplicon region are connected with black lines (both partners on chromosome 17), or location of the other partner is indicated (partner gene on different chromosomes). Smoothed aCGH profiles (log2) for SK-BR-3 (blue) and BT-474 (red) indicate copy number changes in reference to normal copy number (horizontal grey line). ERBB2, which is not fused (arrow), and chromosomal positions (bottom) are indicated.

Edgren et al. Genome Biology 2011 12:R6   doi:10.1186/gb-2011-12-1-r6
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