Figure 5.

lncRNAs are specifically expressed and developmentally regulated in the mouse brain. (a-c) Digoxigenin-labeled riboprobes complementary to AK043754 (a), AK082072 (b), and AK082467 (c) were hybridized to sagittal sections of C57BL/6J mouse brains at different development stages (E9, E13, E17, and P3). (a) The AK043754 probe hybridized to the first generated cell layer of the preplate or primordial plexiform zone (red arrowheads) at E13 (i, iv) and E17 (ii, v), the ventricular zone of the medial and lateral ganglionic eminences (black arrowhead) at E13, the latero-caudal migratory path from the basal telencephalon to the striatum (green arrowhead) at E17 (ii, v), and the hippocampus (iii, vi) and the olfactory bulb (iii, vii) at P3. Scale bar (shown in (i)) is 500 μm in (i), 543 μm in (ii), 322 μm in (iii), 292 μm in (iv), 300 μm in (v), 167 μm in (vi), and 214 μm in (vii). (b) The AK082072 probe hybridized to the hem of the embryonic cerebral cortex (blue arrowheads) and the roof of the midbrain (black arrowheads) at E13 (i, iv) and E17 (ii, v), and to the hippocampus (iii, vi), rostral migratory stream (iii, vi), and internal plexiform and granule cell layer of the olfactory bulb (iii, vi) at P3. Scale bar (shown in (i)) is 500 μm in (i), 595 μm in (ii), 422 μm in (iii), 357 μm in (iv), 386 μm in (v), and 311 μm in (vi). (c) The AK082467 probe hybridized to the optic stalk (black arrowheads) at E9 (i, v), the cortical hem (blue arrowheads) at E13 (ii, vi) and E17 (ii, vii), and the accessory olfactory bulb (iii, viii) at P3. Scale bar (shown in i)) is 500 μm in (i), 637 μm in (ii), 684 μm in (iii), 522 μm in (iv), 182 μm in (v), 177 μm in (vi), 176 μm in (vii), and 110 μm in (viii).

Chodroff et al. Genome Biology 2010 11:R72   doi:10.1186/gb-2010-11-7-r72
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