Figure 3.

Phylogenies of representative type I and type II MADS-box genes from different, distantly related plant species. (a) type I; (b) type II. Phylogenies were determined using MrBayes [68] on protein-guided nucleotide alignments, using the type I MADS-box gene of O. lucimarinus (PrID 120540) and the type II MADS-box gene CgMADS1 of Chara globularis as representatives of the outgroup, respectively, and creating 3,000,000 generations. Genes from monocots (gray) and eudicots (green) are shaded. Different groups and/or clades of MADS-box genes are colored differently. GGM13 (Bsister), Gnetum gnemon MADS13; SQUA, SQUAMOSA; STMADS11, Solanum tuberosum MADS11; TM3, tomato MADS3; GLO, GLOBOSA; other abbreviations are defined in the text and Table 1.

Gramzow and Theissen Genome Biology 2010 11:214   doi:10.1186/gb-2010-11-6-214
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