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A figure showing a comparison of our dataset with the published datasets on the cell cycle in yeast. Three ROC-like plots compare: (a) our combined dataset with that of Gauthier et al. [37]; (b) our cdc28 dataset with the other Cdc28 datasets of Spellman et al. [30] and Cho et al. [28]; (c) our alpha-factor dataset with the existing alpha-factor datasets of Spellman et al. [30] and Pramila et al. [29]. The fraction of the B1 benchmark set genes identified by the various datasets is plotted as a function of gene rank. (a) Comparison of the method of de Lichtenberg et al. applied to our data (red line) with the comprehensive integrated dataset of Gauthier et al. (black line) [35]. The cross indicates our combined list, obtained by the combination of two computational methods of analyses, and curated manually. (b) Comparison of Cdc28 datasets. (c) Comparison of alpha factor-induced growth arrest datasets. The color code displays: light brown, Cho et al.; green, Spellman et al.; cyan and blue, Pramila et al.; black, Gauthier et al.; red, this study. The dotted line indicates random selection of genes.

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Granovskaia et al. Genome Biology 2010 11:R24   doi:10.1186/gb-2010-11-3-r24