Figure 5.

Sequence coverage of human and Drosophila. (a) Coverage distribution as a percentage of the genome for human (YH1) using transposase (dark blue, autosomes; light blue, sex chromosomes) and sonication [15] (down-sampled to equivalent coverage; red, autosomes; orange, sex chromosomes) methods. Poisson (no bias) distributions (gray) with λ = 12 (sex chromosomes) and λ = 24 (autosomes) are also shown. Poisson distribution is the expected if there were absolutely no bias. (b) Coverage distribution as a percentage of Drosophila autosomes using transposase (blue, down-sampled to equivalent coverage) and sonication (Drosophila Population Genomics Project (DPGP), red) methods, as well as Poisson distribution with λ = 12 (gray). (c,d) Coverage with respect to G+C content of the reference in 10 kb or 1 kb bins for (c) human (YH1) and (d) Drosophila genomes respectively, for transposase (blue) and sonication (red) methods at comparable global genomic coverage.

Adey et al. Genome Biology 2010 11:R119   doi:10.1186/gb-2010-11-12-r119
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