Figure 11.

Presence/absence pattern of the PI-1, PI-2 pilus-encoding islets, psrP, and allelic variants of the core pspA and pspC genes. To show the degree of correlation with the phylogeny of S. pneumoniae, the data are reported on the phylogenetic tree of the S. pneumoniae strains. Only the topology of the tree is shown, branch lengths are not to scale. Red bars mark strains of the same ST, and blue bars mark strains of different STs, but of the same CC. For PI-1, PI2 and psrP, green squares indicate presence while gray squares indicate absence. For pspA and pspC, the numbers indicate the allelic variants defined according to [42,47].

Donati et al. Genome Biology 2010 11:R107   doi:10.1186/gb-2010-11-10-r107
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