Figure 4.

CDC-temporal variability in multivariate variation among strains. (a) Spiral 2 D projection showing angles between major directions of covariation at successive timepoints. Arrow colors indicate approximate CDC-phase. Xs denote CDC-phase transitions. Vector lengths are arbitrary (but see Figure S15 in Additional file 1). (b) Successive angles from (a) ranked by magnitude of change. (c) Heat map of angular changes in the major direction of covariation between all unique pairs of timepoints. Angles can range from 0° (coincident) to 90° (orthogonal). (d) Heat maps of angular changes in the directions of covariation for the eight remaining minor directions (rank 2. . . rank 9). The average angular distance (in degrees) is reported for each rank.

Simola et al. Genome Biology 2010 11:R105   doi:10.1186/gb-2010-11-10-r105
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