Figure 4.

Top ten regions for iHS, CLR, and XP-EHH scores and all high-delta regions. The numbers on the left side of each figure represent the beginning position of a region in megabases. Each chromosomal region is 400-kb in length. The letters across the top of each figure represent the eight continental regions: HG, hunter-gatherer; AA, African agriculturist; ME, Middle East; EU, Europe; CA, Central Asia; EA, East Asia; Oc, Oceania; Am, America. In the delta figure, the column labels represent the three population comparisons: YH, Yoruba-Han; YF, Yoruba-French; FH, French-Han. For iHS, CLR, and XP-EHH, each small column contains the numbers 1 to 10 denoting the top ten X-chromosomal regions for each particular test and continental group with the intensity of the color corresponding to the rank. For XP-EHH, the double line separating the African agriculturist column from the Middle East column signifies that the XP-EHH scores represented on the left side of the lines were calculated using East Asians as the reference sample while the scores represented on the right side of the lines were calculated using African agriculturists as the reference sample (Additional file 9). For delta, each blue shaded region contains either a high-delta SNP for the Yoruba-Han or Yoruba-French comparison, or a SNP with delta > 0.8 for the French-Han comparison.

Casto et al. Genome Biology 2010 11:R10   doi:10.1186/gb-2010-11-1-r10
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