Figure 1.

Significant GO:BP terms across datasets. Visualization of how well a dataset connects genes annotated with the same GO:BP term. The dataset names are listed on the left (see Table 1 for citations) and GO:BP terms are listed across the top. All datasets shown are used in the weighted sum (WS) integration. From black to red represents the least significant to the most significant GO:BP terms within a dataset as measured through statistically significant coherence (see the Materials and methods section). Both GO:BP terms and datasets were hierarchically clustered and visualized using TM4 MEV [112]. The colored blocks on the top of the figure highlight similar GO:BP terms selected to show different patterns of significance across the datasets. Marked in brown are oxidative metabolism GO:BP terms, which are significant in most MA datasets but absent from the genetic interaction and protein interaction datasets. Marked in green are cell cycle GO:BP terms, which are well represented across most datasets. Marked in yellow are development and neurogenesis GO:BP terms, which are overrepresented in the Magalhaes et al. [59] dataset (a microarray experiment on axon guidance). Marked in purple are immune response related GO:BP terms, which are well represented in the DeGregorio et al. [57] and Wertheim et al. [58] datasets, both of which tested gene expression of immune response.

Costello et al. Genome Biology 2009 10:R97   doi:10.1186/gb-2009-10-9-r97
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