Figure 3.

Genomic localization of common binding regions for FOXA1, FOXA2, and FOXA3. (a) FOXA1-2, (b) FOXA2-3, (c) FOXA1-3, and (d) FOXA1-2-3. Each region was mapped to all UCSC gene coordinates and sequentially matched to the categories 500 bp from TSS, 500 bp to 1 kb from TSS, 1 to 5 kb from TSS, 1 kb from 3'-end, 1 to 5 kb from 3'-end and intragenic. The intergenic group consists of those regions not matching any of the mentioned categories.

Motallebipour et al. Genome Biology 2009 10:R129   doi:10.1186/gb-2009-10-11-r129
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