Figure 5.

Modular transcriptional fingerprints for regions defined by unsupervised condition clustering. A modular analysis framework was used to generate modular transcriptional fingerprints for the major regions identified in Figure 2. Significant differences in expression levels in comparison to a baseline sample are indicated by a spot, with the intensity of the spot representing the proportion of significantly differentially expressed transcripts for each one of the transcriptional modules. The color of the spot indicates the direction of change of expression: red = overexpressed, blue = underexpressed. For the training set, region R1 was used as the baseline for all comparisons, while for the first test set region R6 was used as the baseline. Functional interpretations are indicated by the color coded grid at the bottom left of the figure.

Pankla et al. Genome Biology 2009 10:R127   doi:10.1186/gb-2009-10-11-r127
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