Figure 4.

Detailed gene expression profile of PRAME. (a) Body-wide expression profile of the PRAME gene across the database. Each dot represents the expression of PRAME in one sample. Anatomical origins of each sample are marked with colored bars below the gene plot. Sample types having higher than average expression or an outlier expression profile are additionally colored in the figure (legend at the top left corner). The PRAME gene is a highly testis-specific gene in normal samples, but is ectopically expressed across the majority of human cancers. Gene plots like these can easily be used to identify outlier expression profiles, like as can be seen for kidney cancer in this case, where only a small fraction of the tumors are PRAME positive. (b) Box plot analysis of the PRAME expression levels across a variety of normal and cancer tissues. The number of samples in each category is shown in parentheses. Normal tissues are shown with green boxes and cancerous ones with red boxes. The box refers to the quartile distribution (25-75%) range, with the median shown as a black horizontal line. In addition, the 95% range and individual outlier samples are shown.

Kilpinen et al. Genome Biology 2008 9:R139   doi:10.1186/gb-2008-9-9-r139
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