Figure 3.

NetGrep screenshot. A detailed screenshot of the NetGrep display showing a sample query schema. (a) The graph panel area used to describe schemas. The Ras GTPase signaling schema from Figure 1 is shown in the panel with the Ras GTPase node highlighted. (b) The panel used to designate which interaction network to use, to choose the maximum number of matches desired, and to initiate a search. (c) The panel used to annotate nodes in the schema and to create or modify edges. The information for the highlighted node (node 3) is currently displayed in the panel; the edge between the first and third nodes is being modified. (d) The results panel in which the matches found from the search are displayed. Each row lists the proteins that make up a particular match along with its reliability score.

Banks et al. Genome Biology 2008 9:R138   doi:10.1186/gb-2008-9-9-r138
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