Figure 3.

Investigation of the sporulation cascade in C. acetobutylicum. (a-f) Expression profiles of sporulation genes shown as ratios against the first expressed timepoint. (a) The first three sporulation factors: spo0A (red filled triangles), sigH (black filled squares), and sigF (open blue circles). (b) spo0A (red filled triangles) and possible sporulation regulators: abrB (open black circles) and sinR (green filled diamonds). (c) Sporulation factors downstream of spo0A: sigF (open blue circles), sigE (black filled triangles), and sigG (open red squares). (d) Genes related to sigK expression: spoIIID (blue filled diamonds), yabG (red filled triangles), and spsF (black filled triangles). (e) spoIIA operon: spoIIAA (black filled diamonds), spoIIAB (red filled triangles), and sigF (open blue circles). (f) spoIIG operon and sigG: spoIIGA (green filled diamonds), sigE (black filled triangles), and sigG (open red squares). The gray bar indicates the onset of transitional phase. (g) Ranked expression intensities. White denotes a rank of 1, while dark blue denotes a rank of 100 (see scale). Gray squares indicate timepoints at which the intensity did not exceed the threshold value. Bracketed genes are predicted to be coexpressed as an operon.

Jones et al. Genome Biology 2008 9:R114   doi:10.1186/gb-2008-9-7-r114
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