Figure 5.

Isochore assignment confidence of human genes. Each bin of the histogram shows the percentage of genes supported by a given average number of computational methods. Denoted is the upper border of each bin. Each bin shows the number of genes having an isochore assignment confidence c with lower-border < c ≤ upper border. For example, 30% of genes have a confidence value of >1.8 and ≤ 2.0. About one-third (29%, the right-most bar) of all genes are equally classified by all four independent methods (BASIO, IsoFinder, GC-Profile and least-squares). Gene classifications with low confidence can hardly be found. For 99.8% of all genes at least two methods agree completely over the whole coding region. Furthermore, only very few genes have a confidence value between two full numbers. This can be explained by two observations: the genes are usually completely located within a single isochore stretch; and these gene regions are hardly separated by any of the segmentation methods. Therefore, usually two, three or all four methods agree for the complete gene. The mean and median support for all genes is 3.0.

Schmidt and Frishman Genome Biology 2008 9:R104   doi:10.1186/gb-2008-9-6-r104
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