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Presented is a figure. (A) Southern blot analysis of platypus fosmids KAAG-0287H03, KAAG-0109P06, and BAC KAAG-711F22, corresponding to the PGA, PGB, and PGC loci with a murine probe for pepsin (PGA5), which failed to hybridize with the indicated platypus clones, whereas specific probes for upstream and downstream genes showed strong hybridization signals. Molecular weight markers are indicated on the left. (B) Synteny map of the gastrin locus in the indicated species. (C) Synteny map of the neurogenin-3 locus in the indicated species showing the position of platypus BAC KAAG-414H19. Southern blot analysis of this BAC resulted in the hybridization with a specific probe for the proximal gene C1ORF35, but failed to hybridize with a human-derived probe for neurogenin-3, whereas this probe recognized specific bands in chicken and lizard (Podarcis hispanica) genomic DNA. (D) Synteny map of the ATP4A locus in different vertebrates and platypus fosmid KAAG-0404B19 corresponding to this region. Southern blot analysis with a specific probe for TMEM147 revealed the presence of this gene in fosmid KAAH-0404B19. Hybridization with a human probe for ATP4A corresponding to exons 13 to 16 failed to hybridize with platypus fosmid KAAH-0404B19.

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OrdoƱez et al. Genome Biology 2008 9:R81   doi:10.1186/gb-2008-9-5-r81