Figure 7.

MAPP as an annotation tool. All figures are screenshots taken from Artemis [56]. Gene names and the Msc scale have been added manually and all annotated exons have been colored red. MAPP profiles in green represent forward strand predictions while those in black represent reverse strand predictions. (a) MAPP profiles for both DNA strands in two bidirectional promoter regions: (i) between the divergently transcribed MAL8P1.15 and PF08_0011 genes; (ii) between the divergently transcribed MAL8P1.101 and MAL8P1.102 genes. (b) (i) MAPP profiles of 6 var gene introns; (ii) detailed MAPP profile of the 891 nucleotides intron of var gene PFA0765c. (c) MAPP profiles of the 3' regions of three genes identified as having anti-sense transcripts in [45]. These MAPP predictions are on the antisense strand for each gene: (i) PF14_0323: cam; (ii) PF14_0102: rap-1; (iii) PF10_0345: msp-3.

Brick et al. Genome Biology 2008 9:R178   doi:10.1186/gb-2008-9-12-r178
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