Additional data file 5.

Dot-matcher alignments of Tc-SilA protein with Sid-1-like proteins from various organisms. Conservation between two proteins is visualized as a diagonal line. Tc-SilA does not show high conservation with Ce-Sid-1 in the amino-terminal extracellular region (A, red box), but shows conservation with Ce-Tag130 (B, red box). Additional conservation is seen in the carboxy-terminal transmembrane domains (B, blue boxes), which is lacking in Ce-Sid-1(A, blue box). These conserved domains are seen in all Sid-1-like proteins examined (B-F), except Ce-Sid-1 (A).

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Tomoyasu et al. Genome Biology 2008 9:R10   doi:10.1186/gb-2008-9-1-r10