Figure 6.

miR-218a is expressed in embryonic cranial and spinal motor-neurons. (a-d,g-h) Larval and adult miR-218a expression in the motor nuclei of the fifth (NV, NVmv), sixth (NVI), seventh (NVII), tenth (NX, NXm) cranial nerves and spinal motor neurons (MN). (e,f) Confocal sagittal sections through the hindbrain of an embryo expressing the Tg(isl1:GFP) transgene with anterior to the left. miR-218a expression is shown in red in (e) and (f) is a superimposition of the miR-218a staining (red) and anti-GFP immunostaining (green). Yellow cells express both miR-218a and GFP in the NVII and NX cranial motor nuclei. (h-j) Additional sites of expression of miR-218a in the adult inferior olive (IO), preoptic magnocellular area (PM) and hypothalamus (Hv, LH).

Kapsimali et al. Genome Biology 2007 8:R173   doi:10.1186/gb-2007-8-8-r173
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