Figure 1.

Oct4 expression and endothelial-like and hepatocyte-like differentiation for mMAPC-1, mMAPC-2, mClone-3, rMAPC, and rClone-2. (a) The levels of Oct4 (Pou5f1) mRNA in mouse (m, left) and rat (r, right) clones compared with those of Gapdh mRNA. The mouse clones are also compared with mESCs. ΔCT is difference in threshold cycles calculated as Oct4 CT - Gapdh CT. ND, not detected. (b) Endothelial-like differentiation. mRNA levels of endothelial markers in mouse (left panel) and rat (right panel) clones before and after differentiation, measured at day 9 in two independent differentiations of each clone. Levels are compared with those in universal mouse RNA and rat spleen RNA, respectively. Left panel: blue diamonds, Pecam (×10) (values shown were scaled by the factors in brackets); pink squares, Lyve1; orange triangles, vWF. Right panel: blue diamonds, VE-Cad (×100); pink squares, Flt-1; orange triangles, Flk-1; turquoise crosses, vWF (×100). (c) Hepatocyte-like differentiation. mRNA levels of hepatocyte markers in mouse and rat clones before and after differentiation. Levels are compared with levels in mouse hepatocytes and rat liver, respectively. Two representative differentiations measured at day 18 are shown. Left panel: blue diamonds, F2 (×100); pink squares, Tat, (×105); green triangles, Afp (×10-1); turquoise crosses, Ttr (×103). Right panel: blue diamonds, Afp (×100-1); pink squares, Alb, (×103); orange triangles, Tat (×100); turquoise crosses, Ttr (×103). See text for abbreviations.

Ulloa-Montoya et al. Genome Biology 2007 8:R163   doi:10.1186/gb-2007-8-8-r163
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