Figure 3.

Comparison of the C. jejuni interaction map with other datasets. The interactions found in common, or overlap (red dots) between the C. jejuni two-hybrid map and interologs predicted from other organisms, were determined. This was compared to the overlap between the interolog datasets and 2,000 random maps generated by randomly switching pairs of links in the original yeast two-hybrid map, which preserves network degree distribution. (a) The two-hybrid map shared 28 interactions with a reference set containing 147 interologs of E. coli low-throughput literature-cited protein interactions, significantly greater than the overlap with the random maps. (b) There were 50 C. jejuni interactions shared with 1,165 interologs predicted from the H. pylori protein interaction dataset [11]. (c) There were 124 interactions shared with a set of 3,743 interologs predicted from a large-scale E. coli protein complex study [1]. (d) There were 76 interactions shared with a set of 4,056 interologs predicted from a second E. coli protein complex pull-down study [6]. A complete list of the predicted interologs used for these analyses can be found in Additional data file 12.

Parrish et al. Genome Biology 2007 8:R130   doi:10.1186/gb-2007-8-7-r130
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